Stormwater Story Maps:

What is Stormwater?

Stormwater Financing: Getting it Done

How Does a Stormwater Fee Work?

The Stormwater Process

Create a Preliminary Stormwater Management Plan           

Create a Stormwater Finance Task Force

Consider Payment Strategies

Launch Stormwater Financing Program

Post-Implementation Sustainability Measures

Narragansett Bay, RI Workshops

Webinar: The Stormwater Utility Survival Guide, Narragansett Bay, RI

City of Providence, RI: Upper Narragansett Bay Regional Stormwater Management District Feasibility Study City of Lancaster, PA: Integrating Green Infrastructure to Revitalize Our Communities
Local Government Stormwater Financing: Identifying True Costs Narragansett Workshop Agendas


Integrating Water into Local and Regional Sustainability Planning - Case Studies A Financial Impact Assessment of LD 1725: Stream Crossing - Associated Toolkit

Financial Impact Assessment of LD1725 for the Maine Department of Transportation (2011).

Stormwater Utility Fees: Considerations and Options (2005).
COAST in Action, a Climate Ready project in Maine and New Hampshire (2012).    Waste Water Treatment Charrette (2002).


Archived Webinars
Aging Infrastructure Webinar Series Part I: My Infrastructure Is Aging! (Isn't It?)
(December 2014)
Aging Infrastructure Webinar Series Part II: How to Pay for Infrastructure Upgrades (December 2014)



Lancaster, PA, Green Calculator - Green Infrastructure Benefit Calculator for Individual Sites