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The Process          

Process matters! Good process is very often the difference between lasting success and gridlock when it comes to actually implementing environmental policies and programs. There are no shortcuts to developing a solid base of community support that will enable local elected officials to enact policies, programs, and budgets that will meet BOTH today's needs as well as future needs. Clearly defining both the problem AND the solution as well as developing realistic cost estimates and time lines are critical first steps on the road to lasting success. Engaging the political leaders at the right time with the right approach will give them the confidence they need in order to fully explore all financing options before selecting the one that best fits local conditions. Early engagement with both supporters and likely opponents of the various options being considered is absolutely essential in developing the final reccomendations to the council. A robust communications plan must be written AND implemented during both the contemplative phase as well as on an ongoing basis once a plan has been approved.

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    Create a Preliminary Stormwater Management Plan


    Create a Stormwater Finance Task Force


    Consider Payment Strategies


    Launch Stormwater Financing Program


    Post-Implementation Sustainability Measures