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Portland's Stormwater Journey 

This article recounts the basic narrative and summarizes the process by which Portland, Maine implemented a stormwater fee. Beginning in 2011, the process took the better part of six years and required tremendous commitment, passion, and patience from the citizens who saw it all the way through. By discussing the strategies, difficulties, missteps, and eventual successes with the people who were intimately involved throughout, the authors developed useful working knowledge of how a local government might move from contemplation to implementation of a sustainable stormwater financing program.




Council Order


Communications Plan








Contibutors and Interviewees

(* denotes Task Force member)

  • Cathy Ramsdell* - Executive Director, Friends of Casco Bay
  • Nancy Gallinaro - Water Resources Manager, Public Works Department
  • Chris Hall - Greater Portland Council of Governments
  • Brendan O'Connell - Finance Director, City of Portland
  • James Bennett - Biddeford City Manager
  • Barry Sheff - Senior Project Manager, Woodard and Curran
  • Tyler Kidder* - GrowSmart Maine
  • Sean Mahoney - Conservation Law Foundtion
  • Jill Duson - Portland City Council
  • Vincent Veroneau* - President and CEO, J.B. Brown and Sons
  • Fred Dillon* - South Portland Stormwater Coordinator
  • Danielle West-Chuhta - Portland Corporation Counsel
  • Michelle Brooks* - Citizen at Large
  • Nick Mavadones - Finance Committee Chair, Portland City Council


Student Contributors

  • Ayden Eickoff - Student, Environmental Studies, Bates College
  • Eric Moberg - Student, Masters of Business Administration, University of Southern Maine
  • Meredith Sells - Student, Masters of Policy, Planning, and Management, University of Southern Maine