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BetterBev: Get Recognized

Over the past 10 years, New England’s craft beverage sector has been rapidly growing in number, influence, and social and environmental impact, with market turmoil defining the last few years. The importance of improving sustainability measures by optimizing throughputs of energy, water, and other ingredients while improving solid waste and wastewater management has revealed itself as a way to maximize profit and distinguish an operation as a community steward.  The NEEFC has partnered with the University of Southern Maine (USM), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as well as partners in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont to deliver technical assistance to craft beverage manufacturers and beyond, delivering best management practices and standards. Participants can expect valuable feedback that helps to increase social, environmental, and economic (triple bottom line) performance.

In addition to technical assistance, the NEEFC and partners have implemented the New England Green Craft Beverage Recognition Program, AKA BetterBev, which allows manufacturers committed to operating responsibly to be recognized for their efforts.

For BetterBev inquiries, please contact Luke Truman at

  To begin the recognition process, please click on your state.  For Maine or Vermont, please contact the email above.

          Crafting a Greener Future