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Alternative Cleaners and Sanitizers

In collaboration with the University of Massachusetts at Lowell’s (UMass Lowell) Toxic Use Reduction Institute (TURI), the NEEFC continues to assess opportunities for Maine’s craft beverage manufacturers to utilize less toxic cleaning and sanitizing products in operations. The NEEFC is applying TURI’s lab research on a production scale to establish guidance for manufacturers exploring opportunities to reduce their environmental impact and improve safety standards.

If interested in trialing alternative cleaners and sanitizers, please contact Luke Truman at


Assessment of Alternatives to Cleaners and Sanitizers for the Brewing Industry-TURI. The laboratory at the Toxics Use Reduction Institute at UMass Lowell (TURI) completed an evaluation of
common cleaning and sanitizing chemicals and potential alternatives. Cleaners and sanitizers were tested based
on their ability to remove soils accrued in the primary brewing and fermentation processes, as well as to ensure
sanitization of the tanks between uses.
Alternative Cleaner Trial: Island Dog Brewery in South Portland, Maine-NEEFC. The New England Environmental Finance Center partnered with Island Dog Brewery located in South Portland, Maine, to trial an alternative cleaner highlighted in the Assessment of Alternatives to Cleaners and Sanitizers for the Brewing Industry by the Toxics Use Reduction Institute (TURI). Island Dog Brewery expressed interest in an alternative vat cleaner to limit exposure to harmful chemicals and to reduce operational environmental impact.

Toxics Reduction In The Craft Beverage Industry Webinar. The New England Sustainable Craft Beverage Recognition Program paired up with the Toxics Use Reduction Institute to host a webinar on toxics use reduction in the craft beverage industry. Learn about: less hazardous cleaning & sanitizing alternatives; potential impacts on your business; and how to trial safer options.